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Balance Board

60uP® Balance Board System

The purchase option includes:
  • 60uP® Balance Board
  • Yellow Flex Poles
  • Stability Ball
  • 21 Day Workout
  • 100+ Live Classes
  • Resistanse bands (additional for full system option)
  • Pole Hooks (additional for full system option)
  • Exercise DVD (additional for full system option)
  • Anti-Slip Mat (additional for full system option)
Money-Back Guarantee

(*see return policy)

Your Money-Back Guarantee

Every 60uP® Balance Board System is backed by our incredible 30-Day 60uP® Satisfaction Guarantee (*see return policy). Try 60uP® for 30 days, and if you don't see results in overall balance and mobility, return your 60uP®. We will do everything possible to make your 60uP® experience positive.

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