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60uP® "Beast" Resistance Bands (Level 5 )

60uP® "Beast" Resistance Bands (Level 5 )

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Introducing Our 60uP® "Beast" Black Resistance Band Set (Level 5) - Unleash Your Strength and Balance!

For those seeking the ultimate strength test and balance challenge, our "Beast" Black Resistance Bands are here to deliver. These heavy-duty bands are designed to put even the most muscular beasts to the test, elevating strength, muscle definition, and shape, all while honing core stability through balance training.

You'll receive two sets of "Beast" Resistance Bands (Level 5):

1. 50cm bands - Ideal for lower-than-chest body workouts, targeting areas like biceps, lifting exercises, low squats, triceps, front shoulders, and more.

2. 100cm bands - Tailored for exercises above the shoulders, such as shoulder presses, side lifts, above-head squats, upper back routines, and more.

At 60uP®, we offer a complete range of Resistance Bands to suit your strength and balance goals, consisting of five levels:

  • Level 1: Yellow "Intro" (Complimentary with the purchase of the 60uP® Balance Board)
  • Level 2: Red "Improve"
  • Level 3: Green "Strong"
  • Level 4: Blue "Tough"
  • Level 5: Black "Beast"
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All our Resistance Bands are carefully crafted with ease of use, strength, and safety in mind. Designed for smooth and comfortable muscle movement, they also minimize any risk to your joints by fitting your natural body angles seamlessly.

Enhance your workouts, challenge your limits, and experience the power of our 60uP® "Beast" Black Resistance Bands. View our entire range of Resistance Bands to meet you exactly where you are on your strength and balance journey.


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