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Balance Board Training System



Rediscover your balance and unlock a more active lifestyle with the 60uP’s balance board system. The board's design reengages neurological connections, retraining your brain to improve subconscious movement, and making everyday tasks easier and safer. Join over 70,000 satisfied users who have transformed their lives.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee and access to over 300+ classes on YouTube, starting your journey to better balance and mobility has never been easier. Reclaim your independence and enjoy the moments that matter most with the 60uP Balance Board System.

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60uP’s Balance Board Benefits

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More Than A Board

Our Balance Board System elevates training to a new level with over 300 exercises and 360-degree movement capabilities, simulating real-life scenarios, making everyday movements safer and more intuitive.


Safety-First Design

With its patented stability pole and non-slip surface, the 60uP Balance Board is the safest balance board available. It provides a secure environment for users to train, eliminating the fear of falling, allowing for a more effective training experience.

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Medically Endorsed

Endorsed by medical professionals and FDA-registered for balance-specific training, the 60uP Balance Board has been rigorously tested and approved. 


Strength and Durability

Constructed from 35 glass-filled nylon the 60uP Balance Board is built to last. It supports up to 2,000 lbs, demonstrating unparalleled strength and durability, ensuring you can train with confidence.

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60uP Balance Board vs Balance Balls

60uP’s Balance Board

  • A patented design, featuring a stability pole that ensures the safest balance training experience available today.
  • 360-degree training capabilities, engineered to replicate everyday life movements, enhancing your natural ability to navigate the world around you.
  • 60uP offers a 2-year warranty for the board.
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Balance Balls

  • Balance balls are curved which can put more pressure on your ankles or wrists and are a bit more advanced since there’s no other form of support.
  • Since there’s realistically one stance you can do on the ball, it does not offer a full range of motion for balance training.
  • Balance ball brands usually only offer around a 3-6 month warranty.

Home-Friendly Balance Training

Improve Your Balance Safely At Home

60uP’s Balance Board allows you to improve your balance, mobility, and strength from the comfort of your own home.


High-Grade Balance Board

Our boards are made from 35 glass-filled nylon which is the same material they use in cars and aerospace. 60uP’s Balance Board is proudly made here in the US and built to endure. We even include over 300+ video workouts for additional support.

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