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Greg, 58, about the impact of the 60uP® Balance Training System

Real 60uP® User

Great Invention!

I bought this for my 81 yr old mom, who has a broken hip and has become extremely weak with poor balance. We have just started some exercises and the board is so safe and stable, yet gives her the perfect workout at her level. I am grateful to you for developing something like this that I can work with my mom at home - maybe I will be able to keep her around longer!

- Cybele W.

Real 60uP® User

I ought to know what I need & 60uP is it!

Because of 60uP I haven't missed a workout since August 4th of 2020. My walking ability is stronger and I can walk down the street without stumbling around. I can stand in the yard and look up at the sky without falling over. I feel so much better about myself and my well-being now. Thanks to 60uP.

- Larry W.

Real 60uP® User

Just getting started on the 60uP

"Very helpful. I am already feeling the benefits! I'm excited for the future."

- Matthew A.

Bari, 72, sharing her experience with the 60uP® Balance Training System

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