Balance Board Training System
Balance Board Training System
Balance Board Training System
Balance Board Training System
Balance Board Training System
Balance Board Training System
Balance Board Training System
Balance Board Training System
Balance Board Training System

Balance Board Training System


Rediscover Your Balance and Regain An Active Lifestyle

Are you concerned about falling or looking to enhance your mobility?Unlock a world of improved mobility, strength, and balance with the Physical Therapist-recommended 60uP® Balance Board Training System. It's safe, simple, and incredibly easy to use.

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Additional Add-On Options

Stronger Resitance Bands

We offer 5 different levels of resistance bands for users who are looking to increase the strength of their bands. 

Metal Poles

If you feel like you need something stronger to hold onto, try adding our Metal Poles to your Balance Board. They're made out of one-piece Aluminum to support your balance.

Sure Grip Gloves

Designed with a rubber palm, these gloves help provide additional grip, allowing to hold on tighter while preventing any skin reactions.

A Balance Board For A Better You

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Before you become a balance pro, 60uP helps retrain your sense of balance & movement by reconnecting your brain with muscles in your feet, legs, & core.

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Besides balance training, 60uP provides natural alignment & strengthening exercise that support body movement for a healthier, happier lifestyle.



Both our balance board & workouts  provide complete head to toe training to really show you what your whole body is capable of doing again. We are born to heal.

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Fully Patented For Design & Utility

360-Degree Training Replicating Everyday Movement

Includes Resistance Bands

Includes Poles For Stability

Includes Over 300 Video Classes

Partnered With ISSA (International Sports Science Association)

Live Classes With Professionals

Free Shipping & Handling

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Regain Your Balance & Mobility Today

The older we get and the more we've put our bodies through, the more we lose out on overall overall strength, stability, and even balance. Unfortunately, these affected areas can lead to falls.

Did You Know:

  • Falls effect over a third of people over 65 years old and 40% of people over 80.
  • Accidents in older age groups are more often females rather than males.
  • One in every five falls among women aged 55+ results in a fracture requiring a hospital visit.
  • The largest proportion of accidents are falls from stairs or steps. Over 60 percent of deaths result from accidents on stairs.

Take control of your balance today and secure a stronger future for yourself.