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60uP® "Intro" Resistance Bands (Level 1)

60uP® "Intro" Resistance Bands (Level 1)

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Experience Enhanced Muscle Strength and Balance with 60uP® Yellow Resistance Bands!

Ready to level up your muscle strength and balance exercises? Our Yellow "Intro" Resistance Bands are the perfect addition to your workout routine. As a bonus, these introductory bands come included with the 60uP® Balance Board.

You'll receive two sets of "Intro" Resistance Bands (Level 1):

1. 50cm bands - Ideal for lower-than-chest body workouts, targeting areas like biceps, lifting exercises, low squats, triceps, front shoulders, and more.

2. 100cm bands - Tailored for exercises above the shoulders, such as shoulder presses, side lifts, above-head squats, upper back routines, and more.

Choose Your Progression Level:

At 60uP®, we offer a comprehensive range of Resistance Bands to support your strength and balance goals, consisting of five levels:

  • Level 1: Yellow "Intro" (Complimentary with the purchase of the 60uP® Balance Board)
  • Level 2: Red "Improve"
  • Level 3: Green "Strong"
  • Level 4: Blue "Tough"
  • Level 5: Black "Beast"
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Discover the complete selection of Resistance Bands to find the perfect fit for your workout journey.

Seamless Ease, Strength, and Safety:

Our Resistance Bands are thoughtfully crafted for effortless use, exceptional strength, and utmost safety. Experience smooth and comfortable muscle movement while minimizing any risk to your joints, as these bands are designed to naturally align with your body angles.

Unlock Your Full Potential with 60uP® - Explore Our Resistance Bands Now!


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