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Thank you for taking time to read my blog. I am excited to be able to share with you the amazing life changing experiences I have witnessed, and felt, through the 60uP Balance Board. Over the next weeks and months ahead I will write about real life people and research that is not just amazing. It is truly life changing.

Why Balance Exercises For Seniors

When I created the balance board I had no idea the power it contained. I developed it for Bob Eubanks with a need to help Bob live longer, and better. I had started with normal exercises for balance you see at gyms and physical therapy offices, but quickly discovered that it was not only the body that needed training. If anything, it was more about re-engaging the brain with proprioceptive reconnection to build confidence along with improved balance.

What I first started to do with Bob was not what he needed. Don’t get me wrong; exercises are better to do than not do. But Bob needed specific training for his balance and mobility decline. A condition that is brought on by age. The balance, mobility and confidence issue is so specific to those losing it. As such, it also needs a very specific solution. Trial finding what works BEST meant out with the old attempts to correct the problem, that was limited in results, and in with the new solution that removes limitations. 

The 60uP Balance Board was not created for product sake. It was created for a problem, discovered the solution, and is specifically for those wishing to stop the downhill slope that, well, never ends well.

When I see the change it made to Bob Eubanks, I do not only see his physical change, I see as much, if not more, the mental stimulation. The confidence. The excitement. His life being lived again. Most people will look at Bob and see the Celebrity. They don’t see the human struggle that everybody suffers through. They forget celebrity is a gifted position, but life is a human condition. The body does not care what you do as a profession. It reacts ONLY to who you are in actuality. Age does not judge success. Age gifts you what you put back into the care and focus of your body and mental strength.

There is a medical study done where 1800 aging women were tested on balance. This is a study that inspires Bob Eubanks every day. It resonates with him so much, and I know he will write about this on his own Blog. He will also be talking about this study when he does his TV appearances to showcase his 60uP Balance Board success story. The study proves that people with good balance will live eight years longer than those with poor balance. EIGHT YEARS!!! Name one other thing that has been proven, and can claim, that you will live eight years longer by having or doing it. I cannot think of one. We also have to remember that it is not just eight years, but eight QUALITY years. We are living longer as a society, but longer does not automatically mean better. Who wants to live with continual restriction and pain when there is now a support program? The 60uP Balance Board, that cannot only stop physical and mental limitations, but can actually reverse the physical aging decline.

I have known Bob for about five years. Now this is going to get personal about my friendship with him. Bob has a young son. Bob is 81 and his son is 16. Bob would talk to me about his sadness probably not being around for his son’s college graduation. He would never meet his sons’ wife, and he would be a name for his grandchildren to hear about. As Bob began to decline he even wondered if he would be around for his sons high school graduation. It was so sad to hear. As his friend, being younger, I couldn’t fully grasp it, yet his sincerity and heart drove his words into my heart. Little did we know at that time how the future would bring the balance board into his world and change Bob’s perspective, and reality. I know many grandparents feel the same way. Thinking of the moments in life that may not be witnessed. Missing out on lifetime memories, a graduation, wedding, birth, those special moments that will be part of the future for others. Nothing more valuable than building relationships with your own family members that will last far beyond life itself. I hear my own mother talk non-stop about her father and mother to keep their legacy alive. People I did not have much time to build a relationship with. I wish I could have known them more and build my own memories.

I could not be happier to now see Bob living better. Looking forward beyond this year. Creating new projects with a vigor he had back in his youthful days you all remember him from. And most importantly, planning events for the future where he will be present, not missing. Life is better. Life is being lived. Hope is also reality. What a fantastic change compared to pre-60uP Balance Board.

Over the next weeks I will be sharing stories and experiences to highlight the effect of the 60uP Balance Board and how it actually works. Not just the exercises, but also your bodies change from brain reconnections to muscles working to stabilization strengthening to confidently doing what life is meant to be about. Living experiences you are meant to be part of and not just watching others go by. I am excited for the journey ahead for you and the possible 8 years more of quality, and adventure, in life.

I am so proud to have created the 60uP Balance Board. I know how it will improve lives and bring positive changes to be all we are born to be. And keep the special generation, the greatest generation, part of our world. We need you.

I am going to leave you today with a quote I LOVE. It comes from the amazing Eleanor Roosevelt. I started to read her quotes, which are so beautiful and inspirational. What an incredible lady. I will share more of them with you. But for my first blog this one stands out.

“I could not, at any age, be content to take my place by the fireside and simply look on. Life was meant to be lived. Curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.”

- Eleanor Roosevelt 

Thank you for taking time out to read my blog. Feedback and questions are always welcome. Lets take this life-changing journey together and I give you my promise. I will support all I can with the information, and advances in life changing discoveries with you. See you on my next blog where I will tell the true story of Priscilla. A special lady, who had given up on living her full life again. Was she about to find her new life waiting to break out of her body!!!

With care, love and the gift of a better life.

Dan Metcalfe


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