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60uP® April Special Bundle
60uP® April Special Bundle
60uP® April Special Bundle
60uP® April Special Bundle
60uP® April Special Bundle
60uP® April Special Bundle
60uP® April Special Bundle
60uP® April Special Bundle
60uP® April Special Bundle
60uP® April Special Bundle

60uP® April Special Bundle

$349.95 $249.95

TAKE an EXTRA 15% off - $212.45
(*One time payment is $212.45 or $21/mo with Affirm - no 15% off discount*)

Our limited-time APRIL SPECIAL includes the following:
  • The original 60uP® Balance Board system with foot stability balance ball, yellow flex poles and low-resistance bands. Our bands are designed for ease of use, strength mobilization and gain without the risk that free weights can create.
  • APRIL SPECIAL 1: DVD ($19.95 value)
  • APRIL SPECIAL 2FREE Shipping + Handling ($39.95 value)
  • APRIL SPECIAL 3: 21-Day Exercise Calendar to get you started!
  • APRIL SPECIAL 4: An extra 15% off!
Purchase of 60uP Balance Board system also includes:
  • FREE interactive LIVE classes with 60uP® training specialists & Creator, Dan Metcalfe
  • ACCESS to our complete library of past workout videos
  • COMPLIMENTARY MEMBERSHIP to our exclusive 60uP community group
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee*

60uP® is a proven solution for anyone preventing falls, recovering from accidents, falls, stroke, Parkinsons, MS, EBI, and other challenges that affect a person's sense of balance and mobility. Just a few minutes a day is all it takes to begin seeing life-changing results! 


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*See return policy here

Still have questions? Explore the Product FAQs below. 

Product FAQs
How big/what size is the 60uP™?

The Board just under 3 feet left to right and 2 feet front to back, so it can be used just about anywhere. The top of the board is 4 inches off the ground. The Poles are 41 inches high with a 4-inch extension included.

How can I store 60uP™ when not in use?

The Board is designed to be easily portable and can be stored under a bed, on its side or edge against a wall, in a closet or in a corner. The poles can be removed to easily store the board out of sight.

Is the 60uP™ easy to use?

The 60uP™ Balance Board sets up in minutes and comes with a quick start brochure as well as online videos, so you can use the 60uP™ almost immediately. If you can stand up, you can use 60uP™.

What areas of the body does 60uP™ help?

The 60uP™ Balance Board works all areas of the body. Leg strength, core, feet, and all lower body muscles are incorporated in the balance exercises. The upper body is engaged with using the poles. When utilizing the resistance bands, the upper body is fully engaged and strengthened. The brain is strengthened with direct connection to mind body needs. Benefits include increased blood flow, strengthening of heart function, remapping the brain for everyday activities and increasing everyday movements.

How much does 60uP™ weigh?

The 60uP™ Balance Board system, completely assembled, weighs under 19 pounds. The Balance Board is 15 pounds.

How much weight can 60uP™ hold?

The 60uP™ Balance Board can safely support 300 pounds on the actual board.

Who is 60uP™ good for?

The 60uP™ Balance Board and program is designed for anyone wishing to increase their balance and strength to maximize their bodies potential. The board has successfully been used for people recovering from accident recovery, hip replacements, back issues, knee strengthening, foot strength increase and overall body strengthening. It is also perfect for preventative training to stop the decline of balance loss. The system is designed for people 60 and over, but has had excellent results for the under 60’s too, from teen athletes to gym experts.

Can I use 60uP™ while watching TV?

The 60uP™ Balance Board is perfect for using while watching TV. Step on the board, rock and balance. Just rocking on the board will initiate and strengthen the stabilization muscles and brain connection. You will get stronger and more confident as well as having fun. And to top it off, the board rocking is relaxing and has a great feel.

Is there a Support line to call if I have a question?

Yes. For support please call 800-481-6087, Monday – Friday, 7am – 7pm, PST.

What ages is the 60uP™ good for?

The Balance board is designed specifically for people 60 and older. It is for people who have balance issues but just as importantly for those who don’t want to have balance issues by working on balance before it becomes a problem. Anyone can benefit from using the Balance Board if they want to increase their balance and strength of mobility. We have seen highly active people, golfers, soccer players, sprinters, children and gym experts love the balance board and the results they achieve.

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60uP™ Balance Board™ Delivery

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Assembly is not included.

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Please review your order carefully as we cannot make changes after it has been invoiced and shipped. All orders will be shipped at your cost. Please note rural deliveries may incur a freight charge. If you are unsure, please contact our customer service team by email at 

60-Day Guarantee
Every 60uP™ Balance Board System is backed by our incredible 60-Day 60uP™ Satisfaction Guarantee. Try 60uP™ for 60 days, and if you don't see remarkable results in overall balance and mobility, return your 60uP™. No questions asked.
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60uP 60uP® Blockbuster Bundle Review
Best Birthday Present

I gave this to my wife for her Birthday and she loves using it. We are in ou early 70’s and I am going to start using it too,

Glen B.
United States United States
60uP 60uP® Blockbuster Bundle Review
I ought to know what I need

To start with, I am 85 years old and I should know by now what I need and don't need. Even though I have fallen 3 times this year I tried to convince my wife I didn't need the balance board. My son called me and said Dad if you don't buy it I'm going to buy it for you. So I went out and bought one and am I glad I did. I have been feeling so much better exercising on the balance board that I have not missed a day of exercise since August 4th. My walk is stronger and I can walk down the street without looking like a ***** man. I can even stand in the yard and look straight up at the sky without losing my balance. My footfalls are more sure. I feel so much better about myself and my well-being now that I have used the balance board. Maybe even at 85 I don't know everything I need, thanks son and thanks 60up!

Larry W.
United States United States
60uP 60uP® Blockbuster Bundle Review
Vertigo? Seems to be Going with 60 up

I lost most of my hearing about 9 years ago and with it, I got the gift of VERTIGO. Love the movie, Hate the feeling. I was unable to do YOGA, tripped on the street a lot, and had bouts of dizziness that are quite unpleasant. Sometimes I just go on the balance board for a few minutes before heading to the store. I found that I tripped less. One great thing I was taught from the video is to look up not down. I was always afraid of tripping, so my eyes were always on the ground, and I still tripped over my own feet. Keeping my eyes on the road ahead (metaphorically and physically) has really helped. I am tripping less but worrying about tripping a lot less. I am still at the beginner level though I enjoy some of the advanced exercises to shake things up.I think the best thing the balance board has given me is confidence.

United States United States
60uP 60uP® Blockbuster Bundle Review
1 Week and I Already see Improvement

I'm still only doing warm up and quick start exercises 10 minutes twice a day and already feel improvement in my balance. Also do tip and balance as suggested in news letter while I watch tv. Tomorrow I'm going to extend exercise time to 15 minutes using DVD Beginners Level.

Donna D.
United States United States
60uP 60uP® Blockbuster Bundle Review
WORKS and I’m 90!

Shortly after my 89th birthday in March of 2019, I had a talk with myself because I could see that my body was going from bad to worse. I was sitting most of the time and getting no exercise. My balance was terrible, I was falling a lot and I was having to reach out and hold onto whatever was available to support myself when walking. My back hurt to the extent that I could not walk very far without holding onto something. I finally said to myself, “either I start exercising or I won’t be around much longer.” I started walking every day and took my walker with me. My first walker was a cheap one that left me hunched over, resulting in me not being able to walk very far. So, I went out and bought an upright walker and seriously started walking one to two miles per day. This was good exercise but it, unfortunately, didn’t do anything for my balance. In December I saw an advertisement for the 60uP board and decided that maybe it would help. When I called, I asked the customer service representative if it would work for someone as old as I was, the woman said “yes” and I immediately bought one. After using the 60uP board for a couple of weeks, I became totally frustrated and set the board aside. We moved to Washington state in March of this year, in the process of it all the 60uP board ended up stashed under the bed. Shortly after my 90th birthday, a friend from Texas reached out and asked if he could buy my board. I considered selling the board to him but figured the freight from Washington to Texas would be more than he was willing to pay. For some reason I got the board out and assembled it in my office, I stepped onto it and strangely enough, the board began working for me. By using Bob Eubanks three week program, I am working on the board daily. I found that not only was I enjoying it but that amazingly I began to regain my balance. I have yet to fall since then and I am walking normally without having to look for some sort of support. My feet feel the ground and my brain automatically centers me in and finds my balance. I have tripped several times but unlike before, my brain and feet corrected the situation resulting in me not falling. It really amazes me how the 60uP board has improved my life so much to where I believe it will add some years onto my life, being that I am in good health otherwise. I am currently working with the intermediate exercises and have slowly worked my way into the advanced exercises. Throughout my life I have exercised to some extent, I gave up smoking in 1964 and started jogging. This went on for thirty years until I had my left knee replaced. The replacement was great being that I was able to ski and hike on it for twenty years in my retirement until my balance completely left me. I enjoy working on the 60uP board because it challenges me and I am gaining more and more benefits from it every day. Having a 90-year-old body, I know I will never be as good as the instructors, Cathy and Bob but working out on the board has sure improved my balance. I feel like Bob Eubanks when he says that the 60uP board has made a huge difference in his life because it’s done the same for me. I called back my friend who offered to buy my board and recommended he buy one for himself! Thank you for developing the 60uP board, there are tons of advertisements online promising to improve one’s balance but I seriously doubt that any will do what the 60uP board has done for me.

Bob S.
United States United States
60uP 60uP® Blockbuster Bundle Review

Very helpful. Just getting started.

John F. Jones
United States United States
60uP 60uP® Blockbuster Bundle Review
Good stuff

Great it is just as the description says!

Alton M.
United States United States
60uP 60uP® Blockbuster Bundle Review
It really works!

When I first got on, it wobbled so much I thought this will never work. After three days though I finally was able to balance and I could tell the difference walking upstairs without a handrail. I am very impressed with this piece of equipment. I know it is a little on the expensive side but it was worth every penny.

Bonnie S.
United States United States
60uP 60uP® Blockbuster Bundle Review
Great invention!

I bought this for my 81 year old mother who has a broken hip and has become extremely weak and has poor balance. We have just started with the first 3-4 simple exercises and the board is so safe and stable yet gives her the perfect workout at her level. I am grateful to you for developing something like this that I can work with my mom at home - maybe I will be able to keep her around longer!

Cybele W.
United States United States
60uP 60uP® Blockbuster Bundle Review
This 60uP IS amazing!!!

The 60uP board IS AMAZING just like Bob Eubanks says! I am using it every day (if possible) and my balance has greatly improved. I noticed after a week or so of using the beginner's routine that when I was standing in one place, my feet felt like they were rooted in the ground like tree roots and my legs felt like they were sturdy tree trunks. My body weight was so balanced! It happened gradually, too, without any pain in my muscles. I am now switching between the intermediate and advanced routines so my upper body will get strengthened as well as my legs and am looking forward to seeing more videos on YouTube. The only thing I don't like about the board is having to switch the poles in order to use the bands. Sometimes I have difficulty in putting the pins in and through the holes. I have trouble with my lower back, so I can't lean over like Dan shows in the video, so I have to squat down on the floor to move the poles. I wish they were easier to move. However, I still am giving the 60uP board a five star rating because if you are consistent with using the board every day, you WILL see results and will see them fairly quickly. It IS amazing and I am very glad that I invested in the 60uP board for my health and my husband's health.

Betty B.
United States United States
Feeling Stronger!

This is honestly one of the best purchases I’ve ever made in my life. I have very limited mobility and flexibility due to some physical disabilities. Consequently, it is difficult for me to find exercises that can strengthen my core, back, and legs, without having to get down on the floor or do things I’m not able to do. With the 60uP, I have noticed a difference in those areas in just a few months use. And, I feel stronger and more confident when I’m walking up stairs or taking a walk through our botanical garden. I don’t get out of breath as much, and I have more endurance. This is a piece of exercise equipment I plan on having for the rest of my life.

Rebecca R.
United States United States
Excellent Product

Although I have not been able to use the equipment yet due to physical limitations, my at home physical therapist has looked at it, studied the DVD, tried the exercises and plans to recommend to some other patients. He thinks it is great! I am looking forward to being able to use it myself soon!

Beth O.
United States United States
It really works!!

I purchased the 60up as a Christmas gift for my husband who has been struggling with balance issues, particularly over the last 3 years. It wasn’t improving even after physical therapy so I bought this so he could work on balance at home. Right away there was improvement and he can walk in places where he couldn’t before. Love this product and the instructors that teach the daily classes!

Mary H.
United States United States
Out standing help

My husband works on it every day. I got this board to help with his balance since his stoke. It is slow process but he keeps trying and working on the board. Thanks, for the classes on facebook, and Thanks to Dan Metcalf for all his help.

United States United States
Really pleased.

So happy I made this purchase. The quick follow-up soon after my purchase was impressive. The company truly makes you feel a part of the 60 uP family. There are so many ways to join in on instructional training & exercise videos through social media. The difference in my balance is unbelievable.

Nancy C.
United States United States
It helps

It has done what I expected to do which is helped my balance tremendously

Barry B.
United States United States