60uP's Partnership with BrainTap!

Experience the revolution in brain health and fitness with 60uP® and BrainTap. Through 'Brain To Body Training,' we integrate the benefits of both inventions, emphasizing the interconnectedness of mental and physical well-being. This partnership delivers a holistic experience, optimizing brain health with BrainTap while enhancing balance and fitness with 60uP®.

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60uP® Complete Training System & Online Classes


BrainTap Headset

14-Day Free Trial

60uP® & BrainTap Package

$349.00 with 14-Day Free BrainTap Trial

Unlocking Synergy: BrainTap® and 60uP® Balance Board Integration

Elevating Your Wellness Journey Through Mind-Body Connection

  • Enhanced Cognitive Fitness: BrainTap® refines mental acuity, fostering sharper focus and cognitive clarity.

  • Physical Balance Reinforcement: The 60uP® Balance Board targets and strengthens core muscles, promoting physical stability.

  • Comprehensive Mind-Body Integration: The combined use synchronizes mental and physical well-being for holistic health benefits.

  • Neuroplasticity Amplification: BrainTap® augments neuroplasticity, complementing the 60uP®'s brain-guided approach to movement.

  • A Unified Path to Wellness: Experience a cohesive wellness journey that harmonizes the brain's vitality with physical balance and strength.

"Together, they create a synergy that transcends traditional workouts, fostering a profound connection between physical vitality and mental clarity."

- Dan Metcalfe, CEO of 60uP®

What is BrainTap®?

Discover a revolutionary approach to mental wellness with BrainTap®, a leading brain fitness app platform. Engineered to enhance neuroplasticity, BrainTap® offers a library of over 2,000 audio sessions led by renowned health and wellness experts. These sessions span mental health, longevity, endurance, nutrition, and more. Through cutting-edge brainwave entrainment technology and guided visualization, BrainTap® fosters a deeper connection between mind and body. The optional BrainTap Headset takes the experience further, providing auricular therapy and varied light frequencies that energize the eyes and ears, promoting healing and overall well-being. Trusted by over 2,600 healthcare professionals, BrainTap® offers a unique journey towards improved cognitive performance, better sleep, and an empowered state of mind. Explore the limitless potential of your brain and embrace a holistic approach to mental wellness with BrainTap®

How to Use BrainTap:

Step 1: Let's Get Started

Charge the headset overnight or until the battery indicator light has turned green.

Step 2: Download BrainTap App

Carefully fill the filter basket with your favorite medium grind coffee.

Step 3: Login

Login using the email address and password you created upon purchase. Create a new account if needed.

Step 4: Select a Session

First-time users start with the Intro to Braintapping bundle, listening to the sessions in sequential order.


The BrainTap® Headset

Lighting the Way to a Better You

Experience the Power of Auricular Therapy

BrainTap’s improved LED visor and headset use auricular therapy and varied frequencies to dose your eyes and ears with energy, promoting healing and overall well-being.

Sleek Design for Your Convenience

Our foldable, travel-friendly design and durable carrying case make it easy to take BrainTap on the go, wherever life takes you.

Quality Above All for Ultimate Comfort

Experience ultimate comfort with high-quality on-ear cushions and a dura-flexible headband, designed to provide maximum comfort during your BrainTap sessions.

Immersive Audio

Enjoy studio-quality sound with the BrainTap headset, designed to provide a fully immersive audio experience during your sessions.

Bluetooth Pairing for Wireless Convenience

Auto-connect Bluetooth 4.2 pairing provides wireless convenience with the BrainTap headset. (Audio cable is still included for those who prefer a wired connection.)

More #TapTime with a Rechargeable Battery

With a rechargeable battery that provides up to 5 hours of continuous play, you'll have more time to tap into the benefits of BrainTap.



Have questions about BrainTap® & 60uP®?

01. What is the BrainTap Headset, and How Does it Complement the 60uP®?

The BrainTap Headset is an audio-visual entrainment device designed to promote relaxation, stress reduction, and cognitive enhancement. It uses a combination of light and sound frequencies, guided imagery, and mindfulness techniques to create a soothing and immersive experience for users.

When used in conjunction with the 60uP® Balance Board, the BrainTap Headset complements the physical balance training provided by 60uP® with cognitive and mental well-being benefits. The integrated approach, often referred to as "Brain To Body Training" (BTBT), aims to create a comprehensive wellness regimen that addresses both mental and physical aspects.

Here's how the BrainTap Headset complements the 60uP®:

1. Cognitive Enhancement: BrainTap's audio-visual sessions are designed to stimulate the brain, potentially enhancing cognitive functions such as focus, concentration, and mental clarity.

2. Stress Reduction: The BrainTap sessions include relaxation techniques that contribute to stress reduction, promoting a sense of calm and well-being.

3. Mind-Body Connection: By combining the cognitive benefits of BrainTap with the physical balance training of 60uP®, users can achieve a harmonious state of mental and physical well-being.

4. Holistic Wellness: The integrated approach emphasizes the interconnected nature of mental and physical health, offering users a more comprehensive solution for overall wellness.

Using the BrainTap Headset with the 60uP® Balance Board provides a well-rounded wellness experience, allowing users to address both the mental and physical aspects of their health.

02. Can I Incorporate the BrainTap Headset into My Existing 60uP® Workout Routine?


Choose a Session: Select a BrainTap audio session aligned with your workout goals.

Comfortable Prep: Secure the BrainTap Headset for unrestricted movement during your 60uP® routine.

Mindful Warm-up: Start with BrainTap during your 60uP® warm-up for a mindful beginning.

Sync Breath and Movement: Coordinate breath with 60uP® movements, syncing seamlessly with BrainTap.

Post-Workout Relaxation: Wind down your 60uP® routine with BrainTap's relaxation phase for reflection and recovery 

03. Can I Use the BrainTap Headset Independently of the 60uP®?

Yes, the BrainTap Headset can be used independently of the 60uP® Balance Board. While the two technologies can complement each other for a holistic wellness approach, they are standalone devices. You have the flexibility to enjoy the cognitive and relaxation benefits of the BrainTap Headset on its own, separate from the physical balance training provided by the 60uP®. Feel free to incorporate the BrainTap sessions into your routine based on your preferences and wellness goals.

04. How Long Should I Use the BrainTap Headset Each Session?

The duration of each BrainTap Headset session can vary based on personal preferences and schedules. However, typical sessions range from 10 to 20 minutes. This timeframe is designed to provide a convenient yet effective way to incorporate relaxation, mindfulness, and cognitive enhancement into your routine.

The flexibility in session length allows users to adapt the BrainTap experience to their specific needs and availability. Whether you have a few minutes for a quick mental reset or a bit more time for a deeper relaxation session, the BrainTap Headset can be tailored to suit your schedule.

Experiment with different session lengths to find what works best for you and fits seamlessly into your daily wellness routine. Remember that consistency is key, and incorporating regular sessions can contribute to the overall benefits of the BrainTap experience.

05. How Does the BrainTap Headset Enhance the Mind-Body Connection during Workouts?

BrainTap's audio-visual entrainment techniques amplify mental focus, syncing seamlessly with the 60uP®'s physical balance exercises. The stress-relief programs complement the 60uP®'s training, fostering relaxation and overall well-being. BrainTap's guided imagery integrates with 60uP® workouts, transforming routine movements into mindful actions. Together, they offer a balanced approach, addressing physical stability and mental and emotional well-being. Users can customize BrainTap sessions for personalized, evolving mind-body experiences aligned with their goals.

06. Is the BrainTap Headset Suitable for All Ages and Fitness Levels?

Yes! The BrainTap Headset is designed with inclusivity in mind, catering to users of varying ages and fitness levels. Here's why it's suitable for everyone:

Adaptable Audio Sessions: 
Tailored for All: BrainTap offers diverse audio sessions, making it accessible and enjoyable for users of any age or fitness background.

Low-Impact Mindfulness:
Gentle Approach: The Headset's low-impact audio-visual entrainment techniques are gentle on the body, suitable for individuals at different fitness levels.

User-Friendly Interface:

Simplified Operation: With an intuitive design, the BrainTap Headset is user-friendly, ensuring ease of use for individuals of all ages, including those who may not be tech-savvy.

Customizable Workouts:

Personalized Experience: Users can tailor BrainTap sessions to match their preferences and fitness goals, promoting inclusivity for diverse needs and abilities.

Mind-Body Wellness:

Holistic Approach: Regardless of age or fitness level, the BrainTap Headset promotes a holistic approach to wellness, focusing on mental and emotional well-being alongside physical fitness.

Encouraging Community Support:

Connective Environment: Joining the BrainTap community provides a supportive space where users of all backgrounds can share experiences and motivate one another, fostering a sense of inclusivity.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just starting your wellness journey, the BrainTap Headset welcomes users of all ages and fitness levels, encouraging a comprehensive approach to well-being!

07. Are There Any Additional Resources or Tutorials on Using the BrainTap Headset with the 60uP®?

For additional resources, tutorials, and guidance on optimizing the benefits of combining the BrainTap Headset and the 60uP®:

BrainTap Official Website:

Explore the official BrainTap website for detailed information, video tutorials, and guidance on maximizing the benefits when used in conjunction with the 60uP®.

60uP® Official Resources:

Visit the official 60uP® website for specific guides, tutorials, and resources on incorporating the BrainTap Headset into your 60uP® workouts. Look for dedicated sections or FAQs addressing this synergy.

User Manuals and Documentation:

Refer to the user manuals and documentation provided with your BrainTap Headset and 60uP®. These often include step-by-step instructions, tips, and recommended practices.

Community Forums and Groups:

Engage with the BrainTap and 60uP® communities on forums or social media groups. Users often share their experiences, tips, and insights on maximizing the combined benefits.

Customer Support:

Reach out to the customer support teams of both BrainTap and 60uP®. They can provide personalized assistance, answer specific queries, and direct you to relevant resources for an optimized experience.

Check platforms like YouTube for video content from experts or enthusiasts who share their experiences and tips on using the BrainTap Headset alongside the 60uP®.

Give us a call or leave us an email, we strive to answer all inquiries within 24-48 hours on business days. We will be happy to answer your questions! 
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