60uP® FAQs

Q: Do Doctors recommend the 60uP® Balance Board?

A: We have a lot of doctors who LOVE the 60uP® Balance Board and have seen remarkable improvement in their patients.

Some were initially not sure of the board but after seeing the results, or actually using it themselves, they have personally witnessed and love the life changing results it is providing for so many.

You can also find reviews by Doctors on our reviews page and posted testimonials.


Q: What materials is the 60uP® Balance Board made of and how much weight can it support?

A: The 60uP® Balance Board is a super strong engineering composite compound and can safely support 300 pounds on the actual board.

If you are heavier or require additional stability, we recommend adding the metal poles to your order. They are extremely strong with zero flex. The yellow poles, that come with every board, purposely flex to allow the legs to gain more balance conditioning. However, start where you feel most safe and then graduate to the yellow poles in your own time. Gain balance and stability and you can insert the yellow poles for a more challenging training. That is the goal, but start where you feel the most confident.


Q: Is the 60uP® Balance Board easy to set up?

A:  The 60uP® Balance Board sets up in minutes.

It comes with a quick start brochure as well as an online assembly video, or DVD, so you can use the 60uP® almost immediately.


Q: How do I stay up-to-date on 60uP®'s New Exercises and News?

A: All the videos on the Instructional Exercise DVD are also on the website under Videos in the navigation.

Every week, on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9am PST, Dan Metcalfe trains LIVE on Facebook and these sessions are also posted on our YouTube Channel.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and YouTube to be notified of new videos posted or when sessions are LIVE


Q: How does the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee work?

A: Every 60uP® Balance Board System is backed by our incredible 30-Day 60uP® Satisfaction Guarantee.

Try 60uP® for 30 days, and if you don't see remarkable results in overall balance and mobility, return your 60uP®.


Q: I have a Special Need, is the 60uP® Balance Program right for me?

A: Because the program is brain (Proprioceptive connection) guided, the program can, and has proven to by real users and reviews, help so many issues; from rehabilitation (Physical Therapist endorsed), injury recovery, prevention (i.e., less chance of repeating a fall) to neurological challenges caused by a multitude of reasons, including (but not limited to) those listed below:

Parkinsons - is a neurodegenerative disorder. The cause involves the brain section in the substantia nigra - which is made up of the pars reticulata and pars compacta. These two united bands feed other areas of the brain, in input conveying signals to multiple brain areas and also critical for the motor and reward systems. We know with brain remapping and neuroplasticity (third party medical suites) that the brain can maintain or rebuild if it is exercised and used - not allowing the atrophy to set in. We have had great reviews and testimonials from Parkinsons Fighters to the very positive effect of the 60uP Program. Their balance and mobility begin the main focus of improvement to live a better quality of independent, free moving life.

Vertigo - the two main categories are Peripheral (Inner Ear or Vestibular Nerve) and Central (Brain issue particularly in the Cerebellum - the movement and balance main area). Vertigo can be caused by numerous occurrences (Check with your Doctor). The beauty of the 60uP Program is the ability to train balance and increase natural muscle strength without having to costly move your head (which can bring an onset of vertigo). The movements, being gentle and designed to be performed in an upright position, will increase balance awareness and strength to support the bodies movements, while at the same time limiting the amount of movement needed for positive results. It is medically announced that exercise may help cure vertigo over time - with head movements and re-aligning the crystals with specific movements. Exercise to help keep the body strong and active, when normal exercises can cause dizziness and loss of balance, the 60uP has safety poles and soft gentle rocking to minimize any effect of vertigo, and if begins to appear, safety of the poles allows time to rest and then resume. Bob Eubanks has Vertigo and could always workout on the 60uP - taking small breaks if needed - but many of the exercises designed are with Vertigo in mind - and with over 300 exercises in workouts online, you can find those that work best for you.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - is a central nervous system disease that disrupts the flow of information within the brain and between the brain and body. Exercise has been medically suggested to impact the slowing of MS. Over doing exercise can also hurt any nervous system, so having a simple, effective and non-impact program is invaluable. We know that MS will cause loss of balance and freedom of movement due to the brain / body disconnect. This is where the 60uP is amazing. With the whole program designed on the brain interaction with the body, we have MS users who are now walking freely again, having previously relied on walkers and canes. The gentle, brain specific balance program can retrain the connections all the way to the feet and messaging reconnects at a real life pace. As much as we have muscle memory so do neurons have memory and as you re-engage them they will react and help with the neurological connections for balance and movement. We know for a fact doing nothing will cause a downward spiral and taking your future into your hards with exercise, and the safety and benefits of the 60uP Balance and Strengthening Program, will not only help physically, but the mental change of success can change the world ahead too.

Drop foot - there is great news for those suffering from drop foot. It is not caused by disease, but by damage or irritation to a nerve in the lower leg. Numbness, tingling and lack of strength to lift the foot is common. The result is a weakness or paralysis of the muscles involved in lifting the front of the foot. A compression of the nerve is often the reason. Balance and the ability to walk smoothly with a proper gait, and getting up stairs, is the result. Training on the 60uP Balance program can truly help. The slow movements, focusing on building the neural connection with muscle activating exercises will slowly re-train the foot action. We have actual workouts, done LIVE with Dan Metcalfe, to address the specific exercises. Each person will progress at their own pace but the feedback from those doing the exercises is excellent. Results include strength in the weak foot, better walking and balance, no foot drag and mental excitement that the condition is being treated. Many give up and accept the condition when a positive result is possible.

Hip replacement / knee surgery - the 60uP is a great program to help with post surgery Physical therapy and to continue the balance awareness and preventative exercises to regressing. Bob Eubanks has had both hips replaced, and was struggling with balance and movement. With the gentle rocking of the 60uP, along with non-impact, smooth and safe muscle strengthening, the 60uP is perfect for retraining the body to align and balance. Going at your own pace, in the comfort of your home, is critical. Following the “between” physical therapy sessions will help attain quicker results. Even standing on the 60uP rocking side to side while watching TV will re-engage your muscles and connect the brain to feel the balance, movement and center of your body again. Small movements will engage dynamic strengthening of the muscles around the joint and help build strength and support for the area that needs to regain its purpose for freedom of movement. We have many 60uP users successfully utilizing the body and joint strengthening, but we are proud to know that we do not have to look far to see the success of 60uP. Bob is a shining example of the benefits and power of the 60uP Program.

Neuropathy - is the damage to nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord. This can cause weakness, numbness and pain. As a result balance and movement decreases through losing the sense of pressure and control of movement with confidence. The 60uP, designed as a brain to body, body to brain program can help re-ignite the connection between the two entities and get the brain to reach out, building new neural pathways through activity and repetition of movement, or create new neural pathways according to the medical research. As the movement of the 60uP is designed for real life activation of walking, balance and pressure point strengthening, even thought he progress may be slow, we have 60uP customers that have reported great results from following the program at their own pace. We strongly recommend the 60uP Program - doing nothing will continue the loss of neural control, working at it has every chance to improve quality of life through exercise - both physically and mentally.