Why the 60uP® Balance Board Is So Easy To Use - Dr. Rosa Hubbard-Ford

Hello, my name is Rosa Hubbard-Ford and I am a Doctor practicing in Harley Street, London, England. I am a proud member of the Senior generation and lucky to not only still be working, but helping people find purpose in life, dreaming again of their own value. I am going to share stories with you about how I have helped, or things I have discovered, in those wanting a better quality of life.

I was introduced to the 60uP Balance Board and it has changed my life. But I will talk about that later. For my first blog, let me tell you how important being active is.

Often, in the early morning, I enjoy a walk through Hyde Park in London, UK, on my way to my Harley Street consulting room.  Sometimes I see a group of youngish and middle aged American ladies jogging through the Park in the opposite direction.  How do I know they are American? Because they are talking and laughing together and I love their accents, and love seeing them having fun on their early morning exercise run.  Another way I know they are American is that round about the end of October they run through the Park dressed in Halloween outfits!  It looks like great fun. Not sure we Brits would be brave enough to do that but hope that happens one day!

Seeing these ladies running and having fun makes me consider some of my older patients who have had falls and lost their confidence in getting out into the fresh air, thus losing their independence and also the ability to have fun individually or as part of a group.  Often these patients are depressed as they feel their active life is over as they fear falling again. Sometimes I see family or carers walking along with the older people, holding their arms as the older person is looking down at the ground to make sure they do not fall over again.  Very rarely do I see someone looking forwards towards where they are going, as do the younger American joggers who run and focus on having fun and conversing with each other. They very naturally place their feet on the ground without any thought of falling or overbalancing.

What I am excited about with the 60up Balance Board is the way it has changed the method that those over 60 can easily learn to be fully active again. I love the program that comes with it as it gently eases the user into gaining confidence, not looking down at his/her feet once they are placed on the balance board, and their sense of balance naturally returns as the brain automatically makes adjustments.  The 60uP balance board encourages the user to use the mind/body connection to encourage natural balance, which is the ability to maintain the body’s centre of mass over its base support - the feet. This well-functioning balance system called ‘proprioception’ allows the user to be able to see ahead whilst moving, and to make automatic postural adjustments to maintain stability whilst engaged in diverse activities in various conditions. Not only can the user regain their sense of balance but he/she can overcome the psychological fear of falling and can then enjoy a fuller and better lifestyle. The fear of falling is one of the greatest handicaps to an older person who has had a fall. The 60uP Balance Board changes not only your body but your mind, and discovering life is still to be lived.

I personally had a few falls over the past couple of years but since using the 60uP Balance Board I can now fully enjoy my own ‘jogs’ through Hyde Park on my way to my early morning clinic.  As I watch others, like the delightful American ladies, in the Park I forget that I used to be scared of falling again. Thanks 60uP Balance Board!

I look forward to writing soon about ways to improve your life with better balance of mind and body to change your life for the better. See you on here again soon 

Dr. Rosa Hubbard-Ford DPsych (Prof).

No 1 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QD.


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