Consistency Gets You Results

I went to a charity event on behalf of our veterans.  There was a band there and they were really good.  Before the show one of the band members came up to me and said, “I keep one of your quotes on my phone all the time.”  Then he showed me what he was talking about.  On his phone was my quote, “People don’t want to know about you, they want you to know about them.”

When I was first hosting the Newlywed Game, the show turned out alright.  But I learned that by sitting down with each couple before the show and asking them questions about their life and their family, the shows got funnier. 

It’s true. People don’t want to know about you. They want you to know about them.

It’s sometimes hard to stay consistent with any diet or exercise program.  But I’m going to tell you about the importance of consistency when it comes to using the 60uP Balance Board in my next blog post. 

Warmest regards,


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