Bob Eubanks - My First Experience With The 60uP® Balance Board

Because of my rodeo life when I was younger, I’ve gone through some interesting health issues.  I’ve had both hips replaced, had extensive back surgery, and had clots in both lungs.  All of that caused me to have some mobility problems.  I’d been an avid golfer, but had lost the ability to swing a golf club.  I could no longer shoot hoops with my son.  Going for a walk with my beautiful wife was out of the question.  I had lost the ability to do the simple things in life that require balance.

One day my friend, Dan Metcalfe, who is a renowned soccer coach said to me, “You have mobility problems, don’t you?”  He could see that my posture was getting bad, and that I was having trouble with the everyday things in life.  Getting up from a chair or getting in and out of my car was very troublesome. 

Dan invited me to come over to his house to work out.  We worked on simple exercises that I practiced every day.  At first I wasn’t making any progress.  I discovered that basic exercises will slow down your problems, but they won’t cure them. 

Unbeknownst to me, Dan was working on an invention that he called the 60uP Balance Board.  I can look you in the eye and tell you that in a very short period of time Dan’s invention changed my life.

We knew we had something special.  My brain and my body were now working together and my balance and mobility improved almost immediately.  Suddenly, I could swing a golf club and I could get out of a chair without help.  We tried the 60uP Balance Board with other seniors and the results were amazing. The best news is that the 60uP Balance Board is now available to everyone. 

What I learned for sure is that basic exercise will slow down the deterioration but it will not cure it.  The 60uP Balance Board will stop your balance loss and in a short period of time, it will reverse the problem, so you will regain the balance and mobility you once had.

I did some homework and I found out about a medical group in France that conducted an extensive research program on seniors and balance.  The results blew me away.  The researchers discovered that if seniors over the age of 60 maintained good balance they could increase their life expectancy up to eight years! 

Check out our amazing balance board.  It changed my life, and it can change yours, too.

I will be sharing special stories of my life in the weeks and months ahead so keep coming back and hear behind the scenes stories, some to do with the TV shows you will have watched, about my life before, and after, the 60uP Balance Board came into my life. Til then, stay balanced.

Bob Eubanks.

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